Dental Hygiene

East Ridge Family Dental is dedicated to prioritizing preventive care through regular dental checkups, recognizing their pivotal role in maintaining oral health. Our commitment lies in early detection, ensuring that minor concerns are addressed before they escalate into major issues.

During your dental examination, our proficient team will meticulously assess tooth decay, existing restorations, potential periodontal problems, and conduct thorough oral cancer screenings. Employing the latest techniques and products, we provide a comfortable and painless teeth cleaning experience, effectively eliminating tartar, plaque, and stains. To further enhance your care, X-rays and fluoride treatments will be administered as necessary. Moreover, our knowledgeable staff will impart valuable insights on effective at-home oral hygiene practices.

At East Ridge Family Dental, open dialogue is encouraged. Our team is readily available to address any oral queries you may have, fostering a collaborative approach towards achieving optimal dental well-being. Join hands with us to safeguard your smile – because your oral health is our priority.




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